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Behind the Scenes: Creation of Lonely Ibex

Do you enjoy watching those behind the scenes or “making-of” videos? I like them because there’s so much more behind a finished piece of work than the final result. We can learn something valuable about the techniques the authors used. It shows me that a lot of things didn’t work out as planned and how people found creative […]

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Two Rainy Mornings, Water and Clouds

Last weekend, the weather was not ideal for taking great photographs. On both days, it was very cloudy and rainy, but there were no “interesting” or dramatic clouds that would have looked nice in a composition, rather high clouds that looked a bit dull. Does it always have to be sunny? Is it ok to […]

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Why I love nature

I love nature, photography and spending time outdoors. I want to share the beauty of the world and hope that you will enjoy your visit. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always happy to be in touch. So, without further ado, let’s get started…

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