New ways to share my posts

I have been thinking about how to share new and different content with you. As much as I like finished work, I find that it gets boring to give the impression that my work just appears out of thin air. I does not…

So I thought it might be interesting for you to see how I create my photographs, the ideas behind creative decisions, thoughts, mistakes, wrong turns, great ideas that turned out to be utterly stupid.

Why? Maybe to show that struggling, searching, hesitating and trying new things on a regular base is good and necessary. It’s what makes us human. I hope you’ll like it, even though it might be messy and chaotic… 🙂 To start with, here is a photo I took on Saturday morning, before post-processing. The final result will follow soon, that is, if I don’t decide that I should never have taken it… 😉

Thomas Bürkl

Thomas Bürkl is a blogger and photographer who loves spending time outdoors and escaping the strict rules of everyday life. His aim is to help people see the positive side of life through his photography and writing. Thomas comes from Bavaria in Southern Germany and now lives in the French Alps with his wife, daughter and son.

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